3 Latest Trends in Wall Finishes & Painting

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There has been a dramatic change in what homeowners and business owners demand when it comes to painting and wall finishes. The culmination of art and modern technology helps you achieve artistic finishes that are both durable and aesthetically unmatched and pristine. Here are 3 latest trends in wall finishes that are in growing demand from house painters new port beach.

1. Faux Finish

Faux finish involves a wide range of techniques suited to your specific goals and can create eloquent styles. Faux painting creates decorations and decorative elements that resemble different types of themes, including getting inspiration from nature. Faux finishes have both practical and aesthetic benefits. It can be used to decorate different types of surfaces including plastered wall, drywall, wood, and wallboard. It is also longer lasting and doesn’t peel off like most wallpaper.

2. Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is also in popular trend due to its functional and aesthetic benefits. It is a wall finish made using marble dust and slaked lime and offers several advantages over conventional wall treatments. Some of these benefits include:

  • High Durability: Venetian plaster is highly durability and resists shrinking. It still retains some ability to flex, which prevents it from cracking.
  • Timeless Appeal: You can modify the smooth surface anyway you want in the future. It makes it much easier to maintain a fresh look without the need for too much preparation. A room with Venetian plaster can be easily and quickly transformed into something else. For example, a nursery can be quickly transformed to a child’s bedroom.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Venetian plaster is gaining widespread popularity, not just for its versatility and elegance, but also for its ease of maintenance. The finish lasts years without showing any signs of fading and is easy to clean because it can wet and dry quickly.

Venetian Plaster doesn’t trap moisture under its surface, which further makes it an ideal wall finish.

3. Gilding

A unique new trend which can in called as part of boutique painting, gilding covers a variety of decorative techniques for applying metallic finish in the form of powder or leaf on surfaces. Some of the most popular options include gold leaf, copper leaf, and silver leaf finish with or without textures.

There are many more new trends in painting and wall finishes for both interior and exterior services. You can find house painters new port beach who provide custom residential and commercial painting services to help you achieve exotic results.

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