4 Simple Tech Upgrades Your Home Needs

Published On November 3, 2018 | By admin | Home Improvement

While you might be thinking about caking up your computer or improving wifi to tech out your home, you need to take time to read this blog because these might help you live more comfortably in the future than in the now.

Bidet Toilets USA

While there are a lot of kinds of bidet toilet combination to choose from like cleansing toilet seats, toilet and bidet all in one, water toilet seats and lastly bidet set, you need to know what a bidet is and find the answer to the question ‘how does a bidet toilet seat work?’

Well, it is simple, a bidet is an upgrade to wiping or cleaning after yourself. Depending on the kind of bidet that you would choose from bidet shop online, it would either be a hands-off experience of manual. Manual being the earlier kinds and hands-off is the more expensive but has more features.

A toilet and bidet in one is a revolutionized way to clean you after you have dealt with number 2 by splashing your anus so that the feces that were left behind would be flushed down as well.

Surely enough a bidet toilet seat would make you feel like a king, and although we are aiming for technological advancements, there is nothing wrong with feeling like a king. To more about bidet toilet seat, visit BidetGenius for more info.

Robo Cleaners

While you take the time to clean your house and use noisy and disturbing vacuum cleaners, Robo-cleaners has been on the market for a couple of years already. There are many speculations about the Robo-cleaners mostly because their efficiency is in question.

The Robo-cleaner is an AI that cleans your house for you, acting like a vacuum but without manual labor.

The price that this thing would cost would be worth it because the Robo-cleaners that we have today are sturdier assuring you that you would get a bang for your buck.

An added note, The Robo cleaners are not only used for indoors, but you could program them to clean lawns and even polish wet, bathroom tiles.

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Solar Powered Lights

Another sweet upgrade that you could do is to install Solar powered lighting in your lawn. This would help make your space feel fancier because of the low cost of maintaining it. While initially, you would spend a lot controlling the electricity bill, turning the lights on and off. With solar powered lights grazing your front lawn you could sleep with your garden and landscape well lit for people to see and enjoy.

Smart Faucets

Have you ever gone to a public toilet and used dryers? The ones where you need to place your hand and all you have to do next is wait? The concept applies to Smart Faucets as well, all you need to do is show your hands, and it will give you the water you need. While a lot of people doubt this technology, the people who have tried it had a cheaper water bill. And since it is hands-off, you do not have to worry about germs and the likes.

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