4 Simple Tricks to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

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Trying to keep your carpet clean can be a challenge, especially in the winter and summer months when it feels like dirt just keeps piling up around the house. However, keeping your carpet looking fresh and new doesn’t have to be complicated. It all comes down to a few simple care tips and tricks. Whether you’re dealing with pet stains and odors, tons of foot traffic from kids, relatives, and guests during the holidays, or just the debris of everyday life wreaking havoc on your carpet, you can always find a way to keep your carpet looking new by simply integrating a few tricks into your daily routine. You already spend time cleaning your home, why not go the extra mile and put a bit of thought into damage control and prevention? If you’re worried about how to protect your carpet from muddy tracks and wine stains all year round, read on for some handy tips.

1. Use a Gentle Touch

When you first see a stain, you probably want to start scrubbing it out of existence right away. While that’s a totally natural impulse, it’s not exactly the best way to make sure the stain disappears, along with any odor or bacteria that might come with it. If you’re dealing with any kind of stain, whether it’s fresh or older, always use a gentle approach. Never rub, always blot gently, using a non-abrasive cleaner like dish soap or laundry detergent. If you’re using a concentrated cleaner, be sure to use a conservative amount, since using too much could leave a sticky residue that becomes harder to remove from the carpet’s fibers over time.

All you have to do to truly attack a stain is know what you’re dealing with and go at it firmly but gently. For instance, if you’re working with a thicker, greasy spill or a clump of paint, use a butter knife to manually remove as much material as you can before using your cleaner. Be gentle when doing this, so as not to damage the rug’s fibers. If you’re working with a lighter, more liquid stain like wine, blood, or juice, leave your cleaner and paper towel to soak overnight, picking up bacteria and odor and leaving a fresher carpet by the morning. If the odor is your main problem, use baking soda to neutralize and combat any unpleasant smells left by pet stains or food residue.

2. Beware of UV Rays

As you probably already know, the sun’s rays can be both delightful and dangerous for a living space. While having a flow of natural light can elevate any room, it can also cause a lot of unwanted damage from harmful UV rays. Use drapes or window tinting to try and maximize natural light while protecting your belongings from the harsh light of the sun each day. When it comes to your carpet, take extra precaution by rotating your carpet every so often so that it doesn’t become too faded in one spot. If you’re trying to keep your home cool in the summer months, try closing the blinds altogether when no one’s in the house. If you’re trying to conserve heat in winter, using heavy, dark-colored drapes can also serve as protection for your carpet and home belongings.

3. Establish House Rules

If you’re serious about protecting your carpet from harm, it all starts with you. If you take the time to tell your family and outside visitors how important it is to you to keep a clean home, they will respect your choice. If you’re planning to take steps to keep a pristine home, keep your house rules clear by establishing a no-shoes rule and stick to it no matter what. Encourage visitors to wipe their feet on rugs and mats throughout the house. When wandering through the home with food and drink at a party or gathering, make sure guests know to be mindful of sensitive areas. If you’re feeling creative, try making a few handmade signs asking guests to be careful in certain areas of the home like the living room or den.

4. Go Pro

If you’ve done everything to protect and preserve your carpet, chances are you’ll already be seeing the results. However, it never hurts to take the extra step toward keeping your rug clean and long-lasting by taking it in for a professional cleaning every once in a while. If you work with a trusted chem-dry professional, you’ll be able to notice a clear difference in your rug after the first cleaning. Using an extraction process, even old, tough stains and odors can be removed by professionals, leaving your carpet ready to take on another year of high foot traffic and the demands of a bustling household.

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