5 Air Conditioning Warning Signs that Need to Repair

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General guideline for beginner

Air conditioning (AC) is equipment used to keep a room in a designated temperature. If the temperature outside the room is higher than designated temperature inside the room, then AC will decrease the air temperature, which called cooling system. In the other way around, AC might act to increase the room temperature, but it is commonly named as a Heater instead of AC. So the role of AC in our daily activity is very important to stabilize the room temperature to make it comfortable to do our activities.

To keep your AC work properly, you have to do a regular maintenance. It means that your AC needs to be check in a frequent of time. This activity will help you to identify if there is a further repair needsto do to fix the broken system because the broken part could also affect another system. Thus, an early identification might reduce the Air Conditioning Repair cost.

Sometimes, even though you already did regular maintenance, there is a time when your AC has to be repaired. Normally, AC would give you an early signed that show there is something wrong in the system. Below are some warning signs that could alert you in advance.

  1. Noisy sound during start up, running, and shutdown

One of the most common signed that your AC need to be repaired is a noisy sound such as a cycling sound that come over again and again, which is never stop. If the sound is really annoying and the AC could not stabilize the temperature, it means a serious problem so you have to shut it down and contact a technician to schedule Air Conditioning Repair which should be done as soon as possible.

  1. The temperature is hot in several spots

In a normal way, your AC should be able to cool overall location in your room. If after several months there are some spots hotter than other, it means that there might be something wrong with your AC system. The air could not flow as it used to be, or the circulation system need to be checked.

  1. Increasing energy cost

The other sign is when the energy consumed by AC has shown an increasing cost significantly. Practically, when AC system is not working properly, it will consume more energy than it should be. Like in an office buildingwherethere is AC in every room which could consume so much energy. Thus the inefficient system could really affect the amount of your energy consumption

  1. AC could not maintain the temperature in the day

Next sign is whenever your AC could not cool down the temperature into the designate degree for frequent times. It means that the AC heat exchanger system has failed to release the heat, thus make the air become hotter than normally. Do not wait for a long time to repair it, since this system failed might cause failure in other components. Contact Day and Night technician to check your AC in more detail.

  1. Aging factor, your AC has been used for more than 10 years

Last sign is related to aging factor when your usage time is more than 10 years. AC assembled from so many components which has their own design life. Failure in one component caused by its durability might cause a systemic failure.

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