6 Ideas for a Bedroom Makeover

Published On January 21, 2019 | By admin | Home Improvement

Bedroom makeovers don’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. Just a few new products and DIY projects can make a dramatic difference. Stores like Home Decorators Collection and Plow & Hearth carry bedding and furniture products.

  1. Add a Fireplace

A fireplace is the focal point of the room. You can get portable electric or gel versions that won’t require extensive renovations. This is one of the more expensive accessories you can add to your room, but it makes a big impact. Pay special attention to the style of stove that you choose because it’s going to determine the look in your room. For a country feeling, you can go with an iron version. For an elegant or traditional room, get a stove that has a built in mantle.

  1. Change out Your Metal Tones

Metal tones like brass can make your whole room seem dated. Use spray paint to go with a classic black or white look. This includes changing out your lighting fixtures, drawer pulls and even curtain rods. You can also spray paint metal beds or plant stands for a fresh new look that just costs a few dollars.

  1. Remove Dated Elements

Sometimes you don’t need to add items to a room to get a bedroom makeover. Instead, you just need to get rid of the embellishments that make the room feel dated. This could be a lot of floral throw pillows on the bed or just a ruffled valance or bed skirt. Even if it requires a shopping trip to replace a few things, it’s helpful to start with a clean slate when decorating. It gives you a fresh outlook on a room that you see everyday.

  1. Make a Focal Point

A focal point is going to draw attention. This allows you to just update one part of your room but still make a dramatic impact. Try putting your bed on risers and then invest in a velvet or faux silk duvet cover for a luxurious look. You could also add dramatic foil wallpaper to one wall. Just make sure that whatever new material you bring in still matches the color scheme and stain colors that are in the space. Instead of trying to get rid of your whole bedroom set, just revive it with a few new pieces.

  1. Bring in Fresh Colors

The most popular decorating colors change from year to year. This can leave your bedroom feeling dated. You can bring in throw blankets and artwork inexpensively. You can even change it out every season. This gives a pop of color in the room. You can also look for a patchwork quilt that is going to have a variety of vivid or pastel colors in it.

  1. Change Your Theme

You can add a theme into your room with accessories, lamps and color palettes. This allows you to give a new look to the furniture that you already have. A modern room is going to have oversized lamps and low furniture. A traditional room focuses on rich wood tones and intricate carvings.

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