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One of the rooms you need to redesign if you have a senior or handicapped person at home is the bathroom. Traditional bathrooms are not safe for them as it’s designed for normal, healthy people. It’s however not difficult redesigning the bathroom to accommodate them; you just have to follow these tips.

As seniors and handicapped most probably move around in a wheelchair, the bathroom should have sufficient space for them to move the wheelchair around.

It’ s better if the hand basin Brisbane has some space under it for a wheelchair so that they can comfortably brush their teeth and wash hands. While a sink at a height of 30-32” is ideal for a wheelchair bound person, those who are tall and have trouble bending are better off with a sink height at a height of 40”.

Slippery floors are dangerous for the elderly and disabled as there’s the risk of their falling and suffering from fractures or serious injuries. You need to make the flooring slip-resistant, which is easiest done by placing an additional slip-resistant coating on the floor instead of retiling the floor.

Fit some grab bars in the bathtub, shower and around the toilet Brisbane to provide some support to them while moving around the bathroom. Grab bars are especially needed on one or both sides of the toilet to make it easy for them to sit and get up from the toilet.

You could also increase the toilet height using toilet seat add-ons by about 4-6”. This will make it easier for them to sit on the seat as they find it difficult sitting on standard toilet seats placed at a height of 15-17”.

If you are worried about the safety of a senior or disabled member at home, these 5 tips should help make the bathroom a much safer place to use!

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