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Throughout the centuries, native tribes people in the country of Morocco have designed numerous handmade creations, one of which is the beautiful and unique Moroccan Berber rug. Rugs of this type, such as Beni Ourain rugs, have a timeless appearance and serve both practical and decorative purposes for consumers throughout the world.

Interesting Facts About Moroccan Rugs

Berber rugs are handcrafted textiles that have their origins in the Sahara and North Africa. Here, Berber tribes people have lived and flourished for thousands of years. For some, weaving is a primary source of income, which is why rugs of this kind can still be found today in both modern and traditional designs. It does not take long for consumers to distinguish this type of rug from synthetic versions, as the different colors, fabric textures, knotting patterns and designs of authentic rugs are unique.

The rug weaving in which Moroccan tribe members originally participated is a centuries-old craft, and the Berber Tribes specifically renowned for their weaving skills resided primarily in Morocco. For this reason, they are typically referred to as Moroccan Berber rugs. Textiles of this kind are always crafted with natural materials, most commonly sheepskin, goat hair and camel hair. Synthetic materials are never used by authentic Moroccan weavers, although such materials are frequently seen in modern-day replicas. Initially designed for practical purposes, such as protection from the Sahara desert’s heat and the frigid temperatures of the Alpine Mountains, these beautiful rugs are now famous among shoppers in the Western world for their decorative appeal and unique appearance.

Fortunately, in many areas of Morocco, Beni Ourain rugs are still part of a thriving industry. This is particularly true in rural areas and villages. Tribes women craft Moroccan rugs and sell them in local markets to tourists or barter with them among other merchants. The demand for Berber rugs has now increased in the Western world as well.

The designs, patterns and symbols are different from one handcrafted Berber rug to another, and to Moroccan natives, each symbol signifies something special. Nevertheless, consumers in the Western world typically purchase such items for their decorative appeal and may never discover the meaning of the unusual patterns displayed on the rugs. However, this information can be researched, which usually proves an interesting activity for those who own such rugs.


Because of their unusual and beautiful designs, these intriguing, handcrafted rugs can also double as wall hangings, chair covers, blankets or afghans. Because they are versatile and aesthetically appealing, many consumers find that such rugs instantly infuse style into a drab room and add an interesting and unique touch to the overall decor of the dwelling.

The Moroccan Berber rug is a terrific option for anyone who is looking for a carpet that is sturdy, easily maintained and pleasing to the eye. Because Berber rugs are durable and difficult to wear out, they offer exceptional longevity, even when used in high-traffic areas. With both practical and decorative characteristics, no consumer can go wrong adding a unique, handcrafted Berber rug to his or her dwelling.

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