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With the rising levels of air pollution that has become a global concern, the metro cities are the worst affected places. Almost all of the urban zones in the world have a very high percentage of air pollution.So, in order to remain healthy and guarded against respiratory problems and allergies that are caused due to air pollution, using air purifiers is essential.

The dire need to buy an air purifier for the homeis felt by the majority of homeowners today. For, even if they have a home cleaning spree every weekend that is not just enough to keep the air free of pollutants.If you or your family member is falling sick too often and your doctor terms this as an allergy, then it is time to use an air purifier along with your usual cleaning process.

But since there are so many variations available, you might feel confused.

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Get an air purifier

Needless to say, an air purifier is a device that is used to keep the surrounding air clean. It does its job by trapping the pollutants that float in the air like the allergens and contaminants and filtering out clean and healthy air. Allergy-causing elements such asmold, dust, foul odors, and other toxic particles are also easily sucked in by air purifiers which makes them great for use at home as well in cars.With the advancement of technology, there are different kinds of filters that are used in air purifiers nowadays.

Types of filters

Various types of air purifiers are available today, which are specialized for various uses.Knowing the different kinds will help you in choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

  • HEPA Filter

This is probably one of the best and the most popular air cleanser. What differentiates from the rest is that it eradicates up to 99.97% of air particles. Hepa filters were originally designed only to be utilized for removal of radioactive airborne particles. Do you know some high-end vacuum cleaners also utilize the benefits of Hepa filter?

  • Antibacterial Filters

If you have a pet at home, and you fear that it might bring all the germs from outside by playing in the dirt. Then you should opt for this one. These filters can be used alone as an additive with HEPA filters.

To eradicate germs and bacteria from our home, these are the best as these implements the benefits of UV rays to cleanse air from bacteria.

  • Ion and Ozone Generator

The drawback with this one is that it can purify the air of a single room only. And post purification, the impurities will just cling to your room surfaces which would require additional cleaning from your side. These devices produce ozone as the by-product of the cleaning process which is dangerous for our health.

You will come across many variants of air purifierin the market today.But do make sure that you choose from the most popular and reliable brands only. After all, the health of you and your family is what matters most.

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