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When it comes to choosing the flooring material for house or residential property, most of people opt for carpets. Carpets are the softest flooring material that provides cushioned surface to your feet and most charming and luxurious appearance to your home. There are variety of colors, designs and styles of carpets with different features available in the market that makes it difficult to choose the right carpet for your home from wide range of carpets. Magic carpets not only contribute to the appearance of your home but they also provide many unrespectable advantages such water resistance, low maintenance etc.

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Types of carpets

There are many different types of residential carpets with their characteristics given below which will help you to choose the right carpet for your home.

Nylon carpet: Nylon is considered as one of the softest and stain-resistant materials. Carpets made with nylon fabric must be surely soft and durable. These carpets are cost-effective because maintaining nylon carpets is easier than some other carpets. You just need to steam clean every twelve to eighteen months to ensure longevity of your carpets.

Polyester carpets: Polyester is the fabric which holds vibrant colors and dramatic colors for longer period, another most important feature of polyester is that it is non allergenic. Another rewarding characteristic of this polyester is that sometimes it is crafted of recycled plastic bottles. When you choose polyester carpet you will surely be able to enjoy the advantages of its fibers. Polyester carpets are the most suitable option for low traffic areas.

Polypropylene carpets: Wool is natural and luxurious fiber. Carpets made of wool are considered as one of the most luxurious types of carpets. So, if you are looking to pick wool carpet you need not to think any more.  Wool carpets not only contribute your home’s appearance but also provide you soft and luxurious surface in to your home.

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