Colorful Countertops: Granite’s Versatility Creates Great Looks

Published On April 19, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

Among the many reasons homeowners like to use granite countertops is the fact that this natural stone is available in a surprisingly large range of colors, meaning that it can be tailored to fit whatever the design requires with its hues of black, white, green, gray, blue, and red.

Because granite is a naturally occurring stone it is found throughout the world, and the location of the material can influence its color. Many people will recall from their high school science class days that granite is an igneous rock, and its gradual cooling within earth’s crust creates the growth of large crystals in the material that gives it such a unique appearance with specks and swirls.

Granite is actually a composite of several different types of substances including quartz, feldspar, and biotite or muscovite, and it’s the presence of these materials that creates the wonderful colors and styles of granite that has made the stone such a popular choice for use in home kitchens.

For example, use a black granite countertop with wavy veins of white and gray to create a bold, striking image that will give any kitchen a contemporary edge. Beyond the visual benefit, another great reason to use granite is that it can withstand a lot of heat without sustaining major damage, which makes it perfect in the kitchen where hot pots and pans are used frequently.

Or go the opposite direction to black and choose a white granite countertop with specks and veins of gray and other shades of white. This provides a bright, inviting look that pairs nicely with a large variety of colors for kitchen fixtures and fittings, including stainless steel appliances.

But there are other options beyond just black and white, with a green and gray blend granite with veins of a darker shade of gray creating a unique color scheme. This style can match nicely with similarly-shaded blue wall tiles or light-colored wooden cabinets.

Yet another colorful choice is a granite countertop that has a base mix color of various shades of blue with grains of white and gray. This looks fantastic whether it’s used for smaller features such as the backsplashes that catch the spills from kitchen activity, or for countertops, or even as the top of a kitchen island, which is the stand-alone unit often used for food preparation and dining.

Red granite countertops are also an option, and an eye-catching way to use them is to use a base dark red color with specks and veins of black, gray, and white to make kitchen countertops. This can create a nice rustic look for a kitchen, particularly when paired with cabinets and other units that are decorated in softer, lighter colors than the granite countertop, such as yellows or whites.

Whatever the home design project requires, it’s likely that there’s a color variation of granite suitable to achieve that look. Combine the versatile hues of granite with its many other benefits including durability and ease of maintenance, and it adds up to a brilliant choice for countertops.

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