Don’t DIY Your Wet Rot

Published On February 1, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

It can be tempting to try to halt wet rot by applying an over the counter solution widely available in DIY stores.

Whilst this is a partially successful approach it is rather like cooking dinner over a candle.

It may work but it isn’t a thorough method and could, in time, cost more money than you believed you were saving by not seeking expert advice from Berkshire timber treatment and preservation companies like Pest Control Berkshire in Newbury.

Professional wet rot specialists offer more than a solution in a can and a quick fix.

If the over the counter methods worked in every case, there would be no need for timber treatment companies to trade. They’d be surplus to requirements!

  • As wet rot treatment is an urgent matter, don’t dawdle, mull it over or wait and see.
  • Wet rot and dry rot are the two most common forms of fungal decay.
  • Wet rot exists in areas with over 50% moisture.
  • Dry rot needs 20% moisture to thrive and fruit.
  • Brown/black fungus with a white/cream edge in lumps or ferny shapes, spongy woodwork and a musty smell are strong indicators of a wet rot issue especially if you’ve had plumbing, drainage or weather problems.
  • Dry rot is probable if you find creamy yellow mushroom shapes breaking through plaster or paintwork. It can also be found in ventilation shafts.
  • Left untreated the wet rot will cause structural damage, it gains its strength from eating the wood’s cellulose.
  • Look for an accredited Berkshire timber preservation and timber treatment expert with excellent reviews.
  • Get a professional timber treatment survey. This checks susceptible areas not just affected ones. Don’t worry that a surveyor will spend a lot of time assessing existing and potential damage, this is efficient and effective and wholly for your peace of mind.
  • There’s no cunning plan to escalate the bill to several thousand pounds when you deal with accredited and proven experts. The earlier the timber treatment can be delivered, the lower that the expense should be. DIY or cheap and cheerful options can sometimes do more long term harm than good.
  • Allow the experts to establish that your issue is wet rot and not dry rot. There are several forms of wet rot and one form of dry rot, the experts can identify them precisely. As a DIYer you may confuse them which could hamper timber treatment and cost you more money as a result.
  • They’ll quote for timber treatment and advise on a course of action.
  • The timber will be dried.
  • Treatment can mean timber removal and replacement, sealing leaks and improving ventilation in an area.
  • As a DIYer you may think that the can of wood hardener that you’ve purchased from a retail chain will achieve the same result. Possibly, but Berkshire timber preservation professionals have access to treatments which aren’t available in the public domain so they can often achieve better results.

Speak to timber treatment experts and sleep soundly, problem solved – officially.

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