Great Granite: Perennial Favorite for Home Countertops

Published On March 1, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

Granite is a perennial favorite as a material for home countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere because of its unique appearance, its durability against damage, and many other reasons that help show it’s a stone every designer should consider for their next project.

It’s an igneous rock that can be more expensive and require more installation time and effort than other choices for countertops such as quartz. But the number of benefits of granite far outweigh any minor negatives. In addition, granite will last for years, so homeowners can rest assured they’re making a great investment whenever they pick this material for their countertops.

Among the main benefits of granite in home design is its unique look, with an overall color of white, pink, or gray depending on its origins. This solid color is flecked with grains of different colors, creating a one-of-a-kind appearance that will vary between each slab of granite. There’s even some granite from China with the primary color of green, tinted with beige and other hues.

Granite’s truly spectacular appearance can work wonders if used for kitchen countertops that see a lot of natural light. A countertop of gray granite flecked with black, white, and other shades of gray will work with the sunlight to brighten the entire room. When combined with lighter-colored units and appliances, this creates an expansive, inviting place for friends and family.

Kitchens are among the busiest rooms in a home and see a lot of action, so granite countertops are a great choice because they can withstand a lot of use without suffering any major damage. It’s very hard to scratch granite permanently, and it’s also resistant to heat –  so no worries about creating any marks with hot pots and pans. Cleaning granite countertops is also a breeze, as a simple wipe down with soap and water will help remove any spills or other cooking accidents.

If a home sees a lot of such accidents, then a darker granite countertop can be a great way to cover this up. Consider using a brown countertop blended with black markings for a look that will hide any small pieces of dust or other mess until the next time they can be cleaned up.

The same benefits that apply to using granite countertops inside also apply outside, because granite is a great material for counters at an exterior dining area, patio, barbecue pit or something similar. One option for granite countertops outside is to use a primary yellow color with black markings, which fits in with an outdoors theme and will look good with just about any home.

All these benefits mean homeowners can stop worrying about the stress of maintaining countertops and instead focus on the best look, with yet another nice option being a granite countertop with the primary color or brown but blended with markings in white, gray, and black for a warm appearance. That means the usual hard part of home improvement –  picking the material – is simple to figure out, and the only difficulty is deciding exactly which color granite to use!

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