Here’s How You Can Create an Amazing Website like Pittsburgh Movers

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Establishing your company’s name in the market against the competitors can be a challenging task. This is true for all lines of business including moving companies. In case, you have just started a moving company, there are several things that you should keep in mind to establish your brand against the competitors. Following section will brief you on what steps you should take to bring your name in the moving industry.

What Should a Moving Company Do?

In this era of internet, it’s important for a moving company to give due attention towards its website and software design. This is because most of the people find online/web shopping to be handier than other things. A website and online presence will at least make you available/reachable for potential customers. Most of the people have access to smartphones and desktop/laptops using which they can reach out to you.

Hence, before establishing your business, make sure that you have a good website. However, you might be thinking as to what you should do such that your website looks better you’re your competitors. It’s important to note that your website’s design can greatly affect your market reputation and business volume that you might earn from the business.

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This can be easily understood in the context of a customer meeting. You try your best to put great impression in the mind of the visitors/clients/customers by decorating your office premises. Similarly, if a potential client visits your website and finds nothing but mess, there’s no reason that he/she will contact you for any business deal. He/she will instead look for some other options/websites, which look better/more informative than your website.

Hence, it becomes important for moving businesses to attract potential clients for signing contract with them. It’s crucial that you put required information on your company’s website such that no potential client feels like leaving your website and search for other options. Following section will brief you more details on how you can create an impressive website.

How to Create an Attractive Website?

Use Appropriate Images

It is important that the images that you choose for your website are in line with the services you provide. Moreover, the images should be able to convey the required message to the potential clients/customers. The chosen images shouldn’t be too flashy or too dull. The idea here is to convey to potential clients that you provide moving and/or storage services, hence, make sure that you choose actual pictures.

Photos should be of personnel working in your company/organization at present. You can also include pictures of your storage units and/or vehicles, which you use for transporting the materials from one place to another. In case, you aren’t sure of which pictures will look good on your website, you can take help of the website designers. Such designers have ample ideas on web design for movers; hence, they can provide you useful advice on this. For instance, you can check website of Pittsburgh moving company for reference.


It is important that you put necessary information on the website such as company name, date of incorporation, services provided, location, contact details etc. The details given should be precise and to the point. Too much information can make it boring for the readers. There should be description on each type of service so that just by seeing the website, clients can understand what all you deal into. In case, you just mention the services offered without describing everything, the potential customers might not be able to understand your business services.

Apart from this, the information should be presented in an interesting manner. If you just put data and long sentences, no potential client will be interesting in even reading the stuff. Hence, try to put some slides, videos etc. so that people don’t get bored. In case, you don’t know how to create an attractive website, take some ideas from Pittsburgh movers.

Upgrade Homepage Design

One of the key considerations for the moving company is that it should be focusing on improving design of its website. Homepage is the first thing that a potential client observes in your company’s website. Hence, try to put interesting content so that visitors don’t feel like scrolling the homepage and searching for other moving companies. The homepage should have a gist of your company’s services, the products it deals into, basic information about your company such as date of incorporation, countries of operation etc.

Optimization for Tablets and Mobile Phones

It is important that your company’s website is as responsive on tablets and mobile phones as it is on desktop/laptop. This is important because mobile phones are handier than laptops and more number of people use mobile and tablets for searching particular information. As per a study, it has been found that more than 80% people use mobile phones and tablets for accessing information.

Hence, it becomes important that you incorporate mobile friendly feature in your website so that no potential customer faces difficulty in opening the website link. In case a potential client is finding it difficult to check your website on mobile phone, there are lesser chances that he/she will return to the webpage again. In fact, it has been revealed by a survey that 60% of the clients don’t check the website again, if they face difficulty at first attempt. Additionally, it was discovered that a client will instead visit your competitor’s website in case your website isn’t mobile friendly.

Add Social Share Option

It is important that if a client likes your website, he/she can share it with others. For this, you need to have a sharing option on your website’s page. Moreover, you should yourself try sharing your website on social media platforms. Nowadays, social media webpage such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. have become a powerful tool for sharing information. You too, can create a social media webpage of your company and can share details of your business with more number of people.

To conclude, make sure that as a moving company, your website is attractive and informative. You can check website of Pittsburgh movers for reference.

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