Home Maintenance Tips That Everyone Should Know

Published On March 28, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

Regardless of whether you intend to sell your home or live in it for many years, it is always good to ensure that your home is well maintained. In particular, those who had acquired their homes through mortgage application can add substantial value to the home by simply doing small improvements. A kitchen remodel, refinishing the cabinets, updating the kitchen countertops, fixing broken windowpanes, changing garage doors and installing new appliances can significantly increase equity on a property. This shows that apart from improving the general look out of the home, maintenance it has a financial advantage, which many people do not realize. Minor fixes can help you avoid problems in future.

It is of essence to frequently monitor and service some major features such as plumbing and heating. If, however, the features are aging or becoming inefficient, it is better to replace them completely. This goes a long way in saving bills compared to the frequent repairs they would have needed. Another great way of home maintenance is keeping your roof in good working order. The roof is an integral part because it shields every other investment you have made in your home from elements of weather. Water can be very detrimental if it gets to the wrong place. For this reason, plumbing is a good way to maintain your home and increase value to it in case you want to sell.

A big nuisance to home maintenance and the reason why you frequently call a plumber is clogged drains. Well, you can buy chemicals to clear out the clog, but that does not completely eradicate the problem. The clog might keep reappearing and will force you to continuously use the chemicals. Apart from spending a lot of the money, the chemicals will eat up your pipes, hence causing leaks. A better solution to the problem would be hiring a plumber to deal with the issue at a cost not higher than $150. For prevention of a further clog, you should watch out what goes into the drain. Food scrapes should be kept out of kitchen sinks and hair out of bathroom drains. Additionally, one should avoid pouring grease into pipes because it cools and condenses into solid, eventually clogging up you drain.

Pressure reduction is a good remedy to save your pipes. Although one may prefer high water pressure when taking a shower, it poses a danger of stretching your pipes and increasing the probability of leaks. High pressure also makes your appliance valves, faucets and pipe joints work harder. To counter this problem, you can buy a hose bib gauge available for around $10, and if the pressure is higher than 85 psi, you should hire a plumber to install a pressure reducer; this costs around $400.

If the water that runs in your pipes contains high mineral content, otherwise known as hard water, it may reduce the lifespan of your systems. The naturally present minerals in hard water (magnesium and calcium) build up inside your pipes and restrict flow, building up pressure in your pipes. Additionally, the minerals have a scouring effect on joints and fittings. An easy way to tell if your water is hard is checking for the presence of a white build up on showerheads and faucets. The best and most efficient way to counter this problem is by installing a water softener. Traditionally, sodium was used to counteract the minerals, but recently discovered electronic softeners dissolve the minerals by use of electromagnetic pulses. This is better than adding sodium to the water. A plumber can install this equipment at utmost $1000. Apart from increasing the lifespan of the pipes, it also gives you cleaner water. For any home maintenance service, visit http://www.morningnoonandnightplumbing.com/ for assistance.

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