How to Choose A Tile Floor

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Tiles are ancient building materials that still find relevance in modern times. Making a choice of tiles for building purpose is tasking. Searching to meet personal style and aesthetic preference and deciding on the choice of color, size, texture, layout pattern, spacing and style requires a great deal of thinking and that is why many people relies on companies like Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles to help them with decision making.

How these factors could be put together to make the perfect flooring surface for comfort requires the following considerations:

#1: Style

Modern technology provides many affordable patterns that befit interior decorations. Surface patterns that suit a home’s personality should be chosen. Marble tiles usually reflect graveness and double patterning will give a busy look to a room. Patterned tile flooring should be avoided where the walls are having a strong pattern already.

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#2: Location

Not all tiles are appropriate for part of the house. The kitchen, bathroom, entryway and other sections should have tiles chosen after a careful consideration of factors such as safety and practicability. For example, the kitchen tile should be easy to clean and durable while textured tiles should be used for bathrooms instead of the slippery smooth surfaced types.

#3: Overall coloration

With current technology, diverse option of colors is available for tiles but making a choice for home building requires careful considerations. Lighter hues are better options for larger rooms and darker tiles create warmth for a living room but a source of light to prevent the color of the tile to be overshadowed should be available. Cream and pastal floorings makes the bathroom look larger and a mixture of shades such as mixed brown and tans, flecked tiles are suitable for busy rooms.

#4: Tiling layout

A simple or complex tiling layout can be chosen based on the desired look you want for your room. A room can seem neat and spacious if a simple layout pattern such as brick, diamond or a straight layout is used. A bold layout like a herringbone or a checkerboard makes the floor attractive.


Most times spacing of tiles influences the overall floor appearance. Therefore, careful thought is required on how to organize your carefully selected size, color, pattern and layout of tiles to draw attention and make individual tile stand out. Thicker grout lines are more evident with tiles with large spaces and recently, grout lines that repel moisture are common but they are still difficult to clean.

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