How to clean mold – the best traditional and natural remedies

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For the majority of the homeowners, mold appears as the most stringent challenge. The mold not only makes the home ambiance unhealthy but, completely damages the surfaces it attacks. Homeowners keep trying various methodologies, however, in the majority of the instances, get the least outcome, if not nothing. Hence, homeowners keep wondering, how to clean mold. If you are facing stringent challenges from the molds, you will be delighted to know that there are various natural remedies to win over these challenges. These methodologies involve the use of resources that are easily available and comes safe for the health of the occupants.

Traditional ways to eliminate the molds

Especially if the challenge is from the Black molds, you can get the most delightful outcome, using bleaching powder that you would inevitably have in your house. In addition, the process requires you have a spray bottle, some water, and a piece of clean, soft cloth.

To start with, you would require forming a solution, mixing bleach powder and water in the spray bottle. Before spraying, shake the mixture well, and apply it on and around the affected areas. Let it dry for some time and then, wipe off the surface with a soft cloth.

Special Situations

In some special instances, you might find the accumulation of the molds on the concrete floors and walls. As for the resources, you would need protective gears like hand gloves, full sleeve shirts and trousers and ingredients like bleach, scrubber, and some water. Form a solution with bleach and water, and apply it to the concrete walls and floors. Let it dry for some time, and then scrub thoroughly with the scrubber, subsequently cleaning it by rinsing clean water.

Natural remedies for eliminating molds naturally

You will definitely be happy, knowing that you can win over the challenges from the molds, using Vinegar. Take a spray bottle of medium size, and fill it with Vinegar, and spray it on the surface, affec6ted by the molds. After spraying, leave for one hour or so, to let it dry completely. Go about applying this remedy for a few days, if needed, to get the most extensive cleaning.

In addition to these simple yet effective measures for cleaning the molds, on our website, you would come across ample of other techniques that are equally effective in cleaning and eliminating mold. We always suggest you those steps that involve the use of easily-available and natural agents, and hence, you would never ever find it difficult to take these measures. Most importantly, the steps we suggest always come Eco-friendly and healthy for the occupants.

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