How To Keep Away Rodents From Entering Into Your House?

Published On October 8, 2018 | By admin | Pest Control

Most of the people prefer living in harmony with nature. The same idea, however, goes straight out of the window when household pests enter into your property. It becomes exasperating especially rats and mice prefer taking shelter in your home’s basement or attics. It takes proper knowledge and planning to deal with the rodents especially if the infestation has become severe. What’s interesting is, rats and mice have no problem staying with you, but humans have. Hence, you should consider proper vigilance and execution plans with the help of professionals to make the process hassle-free. One of the simplest forms of prevention is keeping the house and its perimeter clean and tidy. Consider cleaning the garden and backyard on a daily basis to stay away from unwelcoming rodents. Cover the bins properly so that the rats and mice can’t gain access for a supply of food.

Get in touch with a professional rat exterminator

When it comes to preventing rodents from entering your house, be sure to hire a professional company Rat Extermination in Houston. They can inspect the property thoroughly and seal the likely entry points at your home’s outer walls and attics. Usually, the sealants are used as steel plate and polyurethane coatings. They can even fix the damaged shingles on the roof that are prone to slide out. In severe cases, where you need to consider large-scale repair works, it’s good to hire professional contractors. As the extermination companies are related to repair works some of them can even recommend expert contractors to minimize the budgetary expenses. However, it is suggested to call the extermination company in advance to deal with the infestation at its very first stage.

Identifying the species of rats in your environment

Prevention of rats into your property can be made easier if you know about the species. It will help you to take the preventive measures accordingly. There are two common species in the US. These are Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Norway rats are brown and are a bit larger than the average size. They usually measure over a foot from the body to tail. These pesky brown rats prefer staying in the dark and messy environments. They are also fantastic swimmers and thus, choose sewers to reside. One of the best trapping methods is snap traps when it comes to Norway rats. However, it is recommended consulting with the expert exterminators before using any trapping method. You can also consider using some baits with the help of nuts and seeds.

On the contrary, Roof rats are incredibly adept climbers and are also referred to as black and white rats. They are smaller when compared to Norway rats and are usually slimmer. As these critters hate cold, they can do anything to fit into a nice and warm environment. For this reason, they prefer building their nest inside the attic, insulation, beams, and wires. There’s no best way to catch these tiny critters especially due to the size and rate of breeding. Therefore, the best option is to hire a professional company that provides exceptional services of rat extermination in Houston.

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