Immortalize the Past with Canvas Printing

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If you have been wondering how you can breathe new life into old photos including images of cherished family members, canvas printing may be the perfect solution. Growing numbers of people all over the world are having vintage photos digitally-restored before committing them to canvas. Canvas pieces can seem much more authentic and welcoming than framed glass photographs, and it’s possible to obtain exceptional results even on a limited budget. Advancements in ink-jet painting mean you can now source hi-resolution pieces for less than ever.

Canvas prints can last for generations, and the fact that there is no glass involved means that you don’t need to deal with off-putting glare that might make it harder to focus on the content of your pieces. Most canvas prints have no outer frame, which means one less distraction from the image. Furthermore, when you have a frame-less print, you don’t need to worry about finding a frame that will match your existing decor.

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Revive your old photographs

If you have old photos that are simply gathering dust in a box or cupboard somewhere, you may well wish to bring them back into focus. Even if the photos have tears and other damage, you may be able to erase these blemishes digitally. Once you have turned your images into digital files and saved them, the restoration process can begin. It’s sometimes possible to rid photos of unwanted features with only limited knowledge of restoration software, but for the best results, it’s wise to enlist the services of a professional who can get your images looking as impressive as possible.

The restoration process

There are many steps involved in the restoration process. Some people have their images restored with certain color effects such as powerful black-and-white or sepia. Spots and scratches can also be digitally removed. Another great reason for opting for canvas printing is that the material is stronger than paper and cannot be damaged as easily. Canvas can even survive spillages if the material is of sufficient quality. There are two types of material typically used in canvas printing, and these are polyester and cotton. Of the two, cotton tends to be more expensive as it is stronger and delivers more colorful results, though polyester also remains a popular choice and is great if you have less to spend. You can be as creative as you like with your photos and can even choose to have your images split into several pieces for a distinctive effect. You can add an outer border if you wish, though most people allow the edges of their canvas to simply blend into the rest of their wall. The 3D attributes of canvas make images stand out from the wall and are yet another reason why canvas prints have soared in popularity over the years.

What does ‘frame-less’ mean in canvas printing?

Canvases come in all sorts of sizes, with the most popular options falling between the 8×10 and 48×48 range, although it’s possible to go even bigger if your images are of adequate resolution. Though the term ‘frame-less’ can seem misleading, with the pieces actually being held together by a frame at the rear, they fact they do not contain an outer frame means they are conveniently portable and can be moved from room-to-room or lifted off the wall with ease.

Buying canvas prints as a gift

Canvas prints also make incredible gifts. Perhaps your chosen image features people who have long passed away? If so, committing their image to canvas can be a great way to celebrate their memory, especially if you are buying for an older relative who has fond memories of the person or people in question. Most companies offering canvas printing online will ask you to scan your image at the highest resolution you can or even provide a physical copy for them to scan. Of course, this can be risky, so make sure you are sending off your image via Recorded or Special Delivery to make sure it reaches its destination safely. The results of canvas printing can be truly extraordinary and often have to be seen to be believed. You may be amazed to see what can be done with your old family photographs.

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