Keep These in Mind When Purchasing Ductless AC Units

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If you’re considering to invest in ductless (mini-split) air conditioning systems, there are a few things that you need to take account of in the course of your search so that you get a good ductless unit that suits your needs.


The upfront cost of installing ductless units in Ridgewood NJ tends to be the main thing that discourages home owners. If you’re interested in a ductless air conditioning system with sufficient power to cool a large room, or a multi-zone system that caters to several rooms, expect to pay good money.

If you’re interested in one that also features a heat pump for the winter, that will be factored into the cost as well.

All that said, it is important to note that the energy costs of mini-split air conditioners are lower than comparable “non-duct” air conditioning systems that offer the same amount of cooling.

Some confident DIYers are handy enough to install a ductless air conditioner by themselves, but most property owners will have AC repair & install in Lodi NJ professionals assist them. Before buying ductless AC units, take time to get in touch with local HVAC professionals and compare cost of different companies and for different models.

Number of Zones

There are two main categories of ductless AC units: single-zone units that cool one room, and multi-zone units that cool multiple rooms. If different rooms in your home or office need cooling, it is important that you get a ductless air conditioning unit with the right number of zones.

One of the main advantages that ductless units in Ridgewood NJ have over traditional central air conditioning systems is that the former allows you to control the each zone distinctly. For instance, a quad-zone ductless air conditioning unit can be set to four distinct temperatures based your preferences for each of the four rooms. Same goes for triple-zone and dual-zone units.

Having a number of zones helps you eliminate considerable loss of energy as it lets you customize the temperature in various rooms. You can even turn off the AC unit in rooms that are unoccupied to save even more money. This energy-saving strategy for cooling your home is not available with traditional central air conditioning units.

Power/BTU Requirements

The power in any air conditioning is measured in BTUs. A higher BTU translates to a larger space that the air conditioner has the capacity to effectively cool. In many cases, you will see a specific room size detailed in the specifications of a ductless AC model. You can, however, do some easy calculations based on the BTU information provided.

In summary, when you embark on purchasing ductless air conditioning units for your home or office, make sure you compare the model and installation cost of various AC repair & install in Lodi NJ companies before settling for one. Taking the cost as well as the number of zones in your building and the power requirements is an effective way of ensuring that you get ductless air conditioning units that fit your needs.

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