Key Differences between Comforter and Quilt

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Quilt covers and comforters are two commonly used ways that homeowners use to decorate their home. They make your bedding look classy, peaceful and stylish. There are different themes, designs, colors and patterns of quilt covers and comforters in the market. Before you buy them, you must know what they are and how it differs from each other.

What’s a Quilt?

Quilting is a creative and productive effort to redefine the appearance of your bedroom. A traditional quilt comes in 3 layers that are top, bottom and batting. The top section of a quilt is designed by stitching various different fabric pieces to make a complex pattern. Checkout instore brings you a vast collection of appealing Quilt to give a fabulous touch to your bedroom.

The “batting” is a thin woolen layer. The “bottom” of a quilt is a solid fabric piece. All these three layers are stitched to give a familiar quilted appearance of the ancient art form. Some of the conventional US designs of the quilt are a log cabin, double sized wedding ring, flying geese and patchwork.

Quilts are normally made using cotton. This makes them light in weight and ideal for the summer season. They can also be used as a blanker topper in the winter season. You will find quilts as a better option if you prefer country, coastal, rustic, or other form of casual decorating style.

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is a bedding topper that is thicker in density as compared to a quilt. It is filled with an artificial prepared substitute or down. Most of the comforters are either quilted or sewn-through to prevent the filling from getting displaced from its place. The kind and quantity of fill determine the level of warmness that a comforter offers to a user.

Comforters are highly popular kind of bedding toppers that are used in the US. You can get them in any color, theme, design and style that you desire. The common types of fabrics used in preparing it are cotton, synthetics and cotton blends.

Comforters are basically warmer and can be used without the need of a blanket under it.  They are ideal for the use for kid’s bedroom. One can easily find an extensive selection of comforter sets for kid’s room in the market.

What makes a Quilt different from a comforter?

Comforter and quilts are basically the same thing but are used in a little different way. A quilt is a kind of bed cover that comprises of two and more pieces with insulation in between. If you buy comforters, then you can only use them in the form of bed coverings.

They are fluffier when compared to quilts. Comforters offer a lot more padding and insulation than quilt. Another difference is that the stitching of a comforter is not elaborately patterned as you can see in a quilt.

Quilts are basically flat fabrics that are made to have an undecorated back, a decorated front, and an insulation layer in between. Comforters, on the other hand, are made to be thicker, not decorated, with top and back side almost the same. Where quilts can be used for various purposes, comforters can only be used as a bed cover.


Both quilts and comforters are highly functional, they add a decorative touch to your style and feel of your bedroom style. They differ from each other in the way they are used in the house and the decorative touch they add to a place. Hope the above information gives you a good idea of which one to choose to give the best look to your space.

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