Nine Reasons You Should Consider Building a Log House

Published On May 25, 2017 | By admin | Contruction

If you are considering constructing a log home or cabin, you are on the right track. Log cabin houses are increasingly becoming popular due to the various benefits they offer. If you want to learn how to build a log cabin, ensure you seek guidance from a credible constructor. In the meantime, let’s look at why log homes are preferred to conventional housing.


Yes, log houses are long lasting. If you still doubt this, remember that wood and timber houses have been used across the globe for over 800 years today; and they still stand strong. Some churches in Russia were constructed more than 300 years ago, yet they stand tall.

Blend with nature

Considering that the construction material is 100 percent organic, it easily blends in with the environment. Log houses integrate naturally into the landscape, thus do not have the awkward look like some other materials.

Quick framing

Unlike conventional houses where framing takes longer, log construction framing is fast. It especially fast for those who go for a precut and pre drilled log system or the handcrafted type. Fast framing reduces the exposure to mold and mildew, thus reduces the chances of damage. With the appropriate building system, you can be done in as little as two weeks for average sized houses.

Survive harsh weather conditions

When Mother Nature’s wrath decides to hit, log homes are usually spared. A famous case is during the 2005 Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. When the high winds made a giant oak tree to crash the roof of Menlo and his wife Mickey log house in Texas, the firm wood walls endured the weight of the tree thus preventing further damage.

Trees are renewable

With the global warming calamity and other climate issues that the world is facing today, it is important to go green. Trees are a renewable source of construction material and thus are “green” alternatives. When you build your house using timber, you are taking the carbon found in these logs out of the environmental cycle. Also, most wood timber producers source the material from sustainable forests or use standing dead wood.

Energy efficient

As long as the house is sealed appropriately (between the foundation and the wall as well as between the logs); your home will be highly energy efficient. Usually, log builders constructed houses as per the DOE’s energy standards. It implies that the property will be 30 percent more efficient than the minimum building codes.

Rustic but still high tech

Ruggedly is appealing, but it doesn’t mean that you can automate it. Today’s log homes have security systems, backup generators and other kinds of automation. Talk to an expert builder on how you can install these.


Wood is sometimes called “thermal mass.” This is wood’s natural property that aids in maintaining the inside temperatures of the house comfy through all seasons. Wood collects and stores energy that can be radiated back into the house later.

Picture friendly

Pictures hanging on the walls of a home give it a warm touch. When you are living in a log and timber house, this will be easy. All you need is a hammer or drill, and you are ready to go. Most log homeowners have cited the ease of hanging pictures as one of the main benefits of such houses.

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