Pest Control Tips: A Few Simple Ways to Keep Bugs Out

Published On June 20, 2017 | By admin | Home Improvement

It is okay to be turned off by bugs and want to keep them out. Sure, they probably serve a purpose, but no one wants insects in their home. The following are a few tips to help keep you free of bugs.

Seal the Cracks

A home can develop cracks at any time, and most homeowners do not even notice them. Some of these cracks are pretty small, so its understandable, but you should do your best to inspect the interior and exterior of your home to find them. A professional can do this for you to ensure that all cracks are found and properly sealed. You can use a wall repair applicator, or you can have your repair specialist deal with it.

Check the Roof

It is easy to notice damage on your roof when there is a visible leak, but sometimes leaks are not visible. Some may run directly between your walls where it can wreck havoc for years before you know it. All the moisture will attract insects, and it could exasperate their infestation without you even knowing it. You want to make sure your roofer checks on the condition of your roof, or you can check yourself if you know how to do so safely. As a side note, leaks between your walls could put your electrical system in danger, too.

The Right Scents

You might not think of plants or scents when you think of pest control, but the fact is that plants were the first form of pest control. Some cultures hang bruised mint plants around the house to keep pests out. A good pest control in Leesburg would tell you to do everything you can to keep pests out because infestations are preventable. Try to use mint, lemon oil, garlic oil, or citronella infused cleaners at home, or buy these natural plants to keep insects out. Be sure to use these cleaners around your windows and doors.

Temperature Matters

Insects are like you, and they love to be comfortable. This is one reason why insects try to find warm climates whenever possible. Your cozy home is pretty comfortable, so you want to do what you can to make it a little less comfortable. Think of turning down the thermostat to 68 degrees or somewhere near that to keep insects out. This does not mean you have to freeze yourself; just do the best you can because the chances are there is another home more comfortable than yours that insects will want to flee to.

These are just some of the things you can do to keep insects out of your home. You should also be sure to discard any trash that goes bad quickly such as fruits, meats, or vegetables because these scents are beacons for pests. Of course, those who are already dealing with an infestation should not hesitate to call a specialist to deal with the problem because it only gets worse if you ignore it.

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