Smart Ways to Hide the Cables that are shown in Your House

Published On May 18, 2018 | By admin | Decor and Design

You have cleaned your living room, had everything back in its place, and carefully decorated it. However, there is something that spoils your image and we are talking about all the TV, audio, or computer cables that create a sense of clutter.

As long as a room is organized and clean, the cables hanging on the walls or lying on the floor can ruin the overall image of the room. It is also dangerous if you have small kids at home.

If you want the cables on your wall and floor not to be seen, just follow the below ideas and get rid of them once and for all:

Cord Pipe

 The simplest way to hide your cables is a cable hose. With the pipe you can assemble all the cables together so they do not look messy. But keep in mind that this solution is practical although the tube itself does not look very special. Use a cable hose if there is some furniture behind which it will not be visible.

Hide them under the furniture Ideal office solution.

Offices have computers, loudspeakers, modems, fixtures, and are an ideal goal of concentrating cables. Instead of having a cot on the floor, fix it under the desk. There are special wires that you can screw in. Otherwise, a double-sided film might be enough. It is an easy and practical way to reduce the cables that hang.

Transform them into works of art

 If the cables are on the wall and are impossible to hide, you do not have to be disappointed. Use them to make your own personal artwork. Put plastic plants that will confuse the eye or if you have enough cable, transform the wall with design tiles all among the cables in such a way that will fit into the overall decor of your premises and will impress your visitors.

Replace the ones with stylish cables

 If you still want, you can obtain a cable extension more stylish than the ugly cables that disturb you. Several designs and colors are marketed. Replace the piece of cable that appears with that of the extension to give color and style to your room. The colored detail will upgrade the image.

Wrap them in String

In any case, you can use string to wrap your wires. The string will hide the plastic and give them a much more natural picture. So, you will turn them into an original decorative idea. Place a plant next to tie the natural texture of the string to the green and create a small corner with nature’s materials! You can also place your pet’s bed there, so as it will be also your dog’s space too.

Paper Tapes

 Decorative adhesive tapes in various colors, designs and sizes can be found in shops in handicraft stores or even at bookstores. You can choose some that match the style of decorating your space and wrapping them with the cables of the devices. You can also ask your kids to paint those tapes if you have chosen to buy a white one but now you regret it.

Wire ropes

 Wire ropes are usually marketed in various sizes but unfortunately with a plain white and decorative colorless.  You can also decorate them by yourself because they are really practical.

Over the years, however, things have changed and are now available with various decorative designs beyond the basic backbone. With these you can decorate a new, needless series of wires on your wall and completely change their image. It’s all about being creative and liking the final image of your house. You are going to choose how it will be done.

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