Spanish Rental & Sales Properties, Weather & Food – Pros and Cons

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Whether you have already made up your mind to move to Spain and you are busy scouring websites for rental and sales properties, or you are still largely undecided we are hoping this article can shed some light on what life is really like for those choosing to relocate to picturesque Spain. Life in Spain has a unique set of pros and cons and if you are considering moving to Spain, we suggest you read this article carefully.

Food Pro

The food in Spain is seasonal and you will quickly find that you have access to some of the best fresh produce available anywhere. Additionally, for those who love seafood, Spain is perfect. You’ll have access to amazing fresh foods readily available at almost every local shop. Spain also has a variety of local cheeses and there is a booming local meat market where you’ll find great quality meats year round.

Food Con

If you like to have a little international flavor in your diet, then the food in Spain would become boring after a while. There are very few supermarkets which cater for niche markets such as exotic spices. The sensational season produce can also be a little problematic if you have your heart set of a certain dish but the ingredients needed are out of season. Some food items may also be very pricey if they are not locally produced.

Housing Pro

Depending on the area that you decide to locate to you can pay quite a bit less on rent. The properties are much bigger than most are used to and there are no council taxes.

Housing Con

Utilities can be expensive. You’ll quickly find that water and electricity cost is very high in most areas of Spain.

Weather Pro

If you are the type of person who craves for hot summers, Spain is the right choice for you. For the most part, your days will be filled with summer beach weather, depending on which region you choose to live. When the rest of Europe is already pulling out the winter wear, you’ll still be relaxing in your shorts.

Weather Con

Summer days can get very hot, 40C upwards to be exact. This means that to simply survive the summer months you will need to have air conditioning in your home, in your car, and in your business. Remember what we said about the price of utilities in Spain, this is where it hits you the hardest.

Pets Paradise Pro

Spain is very pet-friendly. There are countless bars and restaurants which specifically accommodate pets. Spaniards love their dogs and cat and you’ll rarely find someone out walking without their beloved pet.

Pets Paradise Con

Not everyone is concerned about ensuring their pets are socialized and trained.  There is continuous barking because no one will tell the dog to not bark. There is also no limit to which pets you can have and this means that many people living in villas also have chickens and roosters.

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