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Common Drain Cleaning Tools Used By Plumbers

If you own a home or business chances are you have some drains in it somewhere and at some time or another you will get a clog in one of them. These can be extremely frustrating to try and get out yourself and can leave you covered in some nasty stuff too. Its times like these that it’s best just to call a plumber and let them work their magic on Strassenbau Plumbing that clog. They carry all the necessary drain cleaning tools right on their service vehicle most of the time. Here are some of the more common types of drain cleaning tools that plumbers carry.

High end plunger

Don’t laugh but just like any homeowner one of the main drain cleaning tools that any plumber has is a plunger. Their plungers are probably a little bit more sophisticated than what you own and are designed a little differently so they push more air but the basic task of plunging is still done the same way.

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Hand held drain snake

Leaks in sink drains and some bathtub drains you have to be real careful using high powered drain cleaning tools on. Clogs in these are best to get out with some type of hand held drain snake that won’t damage them. These have wires that are inserted into the line that have a small cutting tip on the lead edge of the wire. Once the plumber feels they have gotten to the clog they slowly hand crake the snake so it twists through the clog and opens up the drain line.

Power drill snake

Sometimes the hand held snake will just not cut it and a plumber will need a little more power to smash through a tough clog. That is where an electric drill snake comes into play. These look like a regular drill except they have a cylinder that carries about 15 meters of wire attached to it. This wire is extended out until the plumbing professional feels a clog; once there the drill is then powered up and it will slowly churn its way through the clog until the line is once again free. These devices are easy to use and do a nice job even on solid clogs.

Compressed air tank

There are few things that are easier on plumbing and as effective at getting out a clog as forced air. Many plumbers carry compressed air tanks right on their service vehicles for this very reason. They simply push air into the lines to power a tough clog out. They are easy to setup to do the job and the pressure can be adjusted so it is not too powerful to avoid bursting smaller plumbing lines.

So instead of you getting frustrated and wasting a lot of time trying to get out a tough clog, go ahead and call your local plumbing professional because they will most likely carry all the necessary drain cleaning tools right on their service vehicle.

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