Strategic Space Saving Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Ever found yourself standing in the most private space in the world (your bathroom) and being frustrated about not having enough space? It is time for you to renovate your bathroom so that you have enough area there. Many would compromise with bathroom space;however, it is one of those roomsin your home, where you step in, as soon as you wake up. A clean, clutter-free bathroom with enough space, if not all of the space in the world, is much needed. These simple ideas will help you design or renovate your bathroom such that you are left with comfortable a space.

Sink at the corner

This design is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways, of making your bathroom look a little bigger, a lot cleaner and clutter-free. It is a convenient idea- when the wash basin is right in the middle of the bathroom, it will take up unnecessary space and shrink the size of your bathroom. However, by getting a corner wash basin,you will settle the sink in a corner and save the extra space that it may take up. Also, try settling for a smaller wash basin, if your bathroom is extra small. The added benefit of having a corner wash basin is that it looks better.

Let go of the Bath-tub

Just as disappointing as it might sound, it only makes sense to throw away your bathtub, if you have been complaining about having less space in your bathroom. Most people use bath-tubs once in a while and yet find themselves guilty of having it just for the sake of it. However, it might differ from person to person. So, you will have to prioritize what you need more- a bath-tub or a little more space to stop yourself from having claustrophobia. While bath-tubs help you unwind, free space in the bathroom will help you feel at ease.

Go for a Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are another way of saving space in the bathroom. Wall hung toilets generally come in tiny and convenient sizes and are super compact; also, they look charming. As you keep the seat closed, it would give a sense of more space, which is what customers usually want. Wall hung toilets also make it easier for you to clean them. The best idea would be to get it installed right next to your wash basin. Thus, it would settle all the things in the bathroom to one corner, leaving the rest of the space empty and clean.

Cabinet below the sink

To further rid yourself of the clutter that shampoo bottles, body washes, soaps, and everything else create, you can have cabinets below your wash basin too. This space should be enough to take in all your toiletries;otherwise they will be scattered in the bathroom and create a mess. Besides these possessions, you can even store your towels in the cabinet below the wash basin. More space!

If you want to know more about small bathroom designs, here’s the source for bathroom designs. These are tips for saving space in your tiny bathroom. While these ideas help create more space, they don’t interfere with the appearance of your bathroom.


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