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Hotels across Phoenix have become victims of Termite damage from subterranean termites. The damage has caused investors and hotel owners millions of dollars over the years and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Termites can migrate from foliage and trees in the area that are infested and make their way on to hotel properties in Phoenix where the nest. Termites are responsible for millions of dollars in damage and any sign of them should be taken seriously. Termites can destroy residential and commercial properties without prejudice; they are capable of finding vulnerabilities in the construction of a property, infesting, and destroying the internal wood structures of hotels, homes, and businesses in the Phoenix area.

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Having educated groundskeepers on your hotel property should help to identify an issue before an issue arises. Ground keepers in Phoenix should be aware of the signs that termites leave behind, the tunnel track markings in wood structures, trees with termite damage, and they should know what an actual termite looks like. Often times an old piece of wood from a fallen tree can be infested with termites, unaware, landscapers my transport the log onto the hotel property as a decorative piece and inadvertently introduce the subterranean termites and their queen to a piece of property rich with wood structures. Arizona hotel owners can learn more about successful landscaping design tips here.

Once the termites have begun to nest and eat through the wood of a hotel property, it’s extremely important that once it’s been identified, there should be an immediate effort to locate a termite control company in Phoenix. If the hotel property has groundskeepers on staff capable of handling the chemicals necessary to treat such an infestation then it’s suggested that the grounds staff treat the property. If there are not licensed staffs for termite treatment, a pest control company should be contacted immediately so the problem can be treated properly before it spreads through the hotel property.

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Some of the best hotels in Phoenix count on pest control companies in the valley to treat their properties for termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, scorpions, and rodents. Hotels have been known to be susceptible to bed bug infestations and other insects are no different. While termites can damage a hotel property, scorpions and bed bugs can be harmful to guests of the property. Keeping the hotel grounds free of these insects and rodents should be a top priority for any hotel owners in Phoenix.


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