The Benefits of Capturing Lead Sources for Real Estate Agents

Published On May 3, 2018 | By admin | Real Estate

Many salespeople underestimate the value of knowing which sources their leads are coming from. This is especially helpful when compiling a marketing strategy, because you will know which marketing efforts prove the most effective. With a lead management system you can do this and so much more.

Knowing your Lead Sources

The value of knowing your lead sources is almost immeasurable and, as anyone who has access to this information will tell you, it can drastically improve business. Lead management systems can capture lead sources and supply you with a means of tracking where your leads are coming from.

If a lead comes from a page on your website, a special offer or your contact us page for example, the lead will be logged with this information.

Custom Fields Feature

A quality lead management system will allow you to take advantage of its Automatic Lead Capture while at the same time giving you data that allows you to capture lead sources. This way if you have been putting time, money and effort into marketing campaigns you can see which one is the most effective.

The Custom Fields feature allows real estate agencies to reanalyse their marketing strategy intermittently to ensure the best results. This single feature can not only dictate a better strategy but also help agencies convert more sales leads. With a leads management system you will save money and make sure your marketing efforts are targeted towards the most fruitful results.

Improved Lead Management

When working in a real estate agency any lead that goes without being nurtured for any length of time will automatically escalate to a manager. This way the team will always know what the status of every lead is. You will receive reminders in the form of SMS and email notifications to ensure no lead is left to grow cold.

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