The Warmer Seasons – Perfect Time for a Fresh Line Striping Job

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With the arrival of warmer seasonal temperatures, many businesses seek to refresh the appearance of their facilities. For many businesses that operate parking lots for customers, they have discovered that the lots have weathered inclement conditions all winter, leading to unsightly cracks, faded striping, and even hazardous conditions. The lot damage and faded markings can create issues, leading smart business owners to recognize that the parking lot is often the first aspect customers notice when visitors arrive. Providing safe parking areas with clear markings and signs goes a long way toward creating a favorable first impression.

Springtime Lot Striping

Springtime is the right time for a new parking lot striping project. Once winter’s weather has passed, striping can be applied to older parking lot areas, improving traffic flow and creating a fresh appearance that resonates with site visitors. Pin Point Line Striping & Marking, New England’s premier line striping company, knows that the arrival of spring represents the company’s most busy time of year. The company has been known for its precision striping and marking services for over a decade, and in that time has completed thousands of quality projects throughout the New England area. Pin Point Line recently expanded its operation. From its Amherst, New Hampshire headquarters, Pin Point Line now serves the communities of:

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  • Portsmouth
  • Manchester
  • Exeter
  • Keene
  • Nashua
  • Bedford
  • Concord
  • Salem
  • Derry

The Effects of Winter Weather on Parking Lots

Winter takes its toll on paved areas, leading to an unsightly appearance. There are two major effects that winter conditions have on parking lots and other paved surfaces. The first is called “frost heave”, where water seeps into the fine cracks of asphalt paving, then freezes. As the water freezes, it expands, leading to larger cracks and even potholes or other surface damage that can pose hazards to site visitors. The second effect is that of weathering. Parking lot stripes and markings can fade, crack, and peel in cold conditions. As the parking lot is shoveled or plowed to remove winter snow, the markings can be abraded, leading to missing areas of marking that can impact the smooth traffic flow in and out of the lot.

Springtime, then, is the best time to correct these problems. Once the freeze danger is past, business owners in areas that experience winter weather choose leading professionals like the experts at Pin Point Line to apply new pavement markings. Pin Point’s team of talented installers will perform crack sealing and minor asphalt repairs, then lay down precision lines and markings using the latest pavement marking technologies. The end result is a parking lot that not only looks great, but it performs beyond expectations. A fresh appearance of a parking lot tells site visitors that the business owner cares about his or her customers; that ever-important “first impression” is favorable. Second, site visitors can navigate in, around, and out of well-marked lots with ease. In the New England region, Pin Point Line Striping & Marking leads the way with outstanding quality, precision application, and impeccable customer service.

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