Three of the Most Common Home Renovation Projects

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One major benefit to owning a home is the option to renovate as you so desire.  Whether you want to invest in home improvement to boost resale value or you are to upgrade the comfort level for your family, home renovation can be quite a wise move.  No matter the reason you are looking into home renovation, these are the projects you should probably consider if you want to get the most bang for your buck.


If your reason to start a Renovco renovation project is indeed to maximize resale value, then a kitchen renovation is going to be your most effect endeavor. If you have not thought about it, the kitchen is actually the room in the house frequently and consistently visited by every person who lives in the home.  It is the space where meals are shared and conversations are had. It is a place for sustenance, for joy, for heartbreak, for celebration. And it is for all of these reasons that homeowners customize and renovate this space more than any other room. More importantly this room yields the biggest return on investment as the kitchen can often make or break a home sale.

Image result for Home Renovation ProjectsBATHROOM RENOVATION

Now, it is important to note, first, that renovating a bathroom is not an easy task.  This is actually the most complicated renovation you will encounter and the return on investment may not be that high. Consider, for example, that you have plumbing, wiring, fixtures, ceramics, tile, and other textiles all in very close proximity with each other.  

However, adding a new bathroom or making an existing lavatory more comfortable can be another excellent selling point. Of course, if you are not planning to move any time soon, remodeling a bathroom could be a smart choice because it is an intimate space where people are most vulnerable.


Finally, one way to ensure that your home draws the right kind of potential buyers—the most motivated ones—is to invest in some curb appeal. Curb appeal is a term used to describe the aesthetics of your home from the street. Basically, we are talking about paint, siding, trim, landscaping, fencing, and other ways to accessorize your home’s exterior. Of course, this can be a notable addition for the duration of your time living there, too. When your home has a welcoming look, you will love to come home at the end of the day; and buyers will want that too.

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