Tips for Choosing the best Flooring for your home

Published On April 13, 2018 | By admin | Flooring and kitchen

When designing the rooms in your home, the focus is generally on the decoration and the feel of the individual home. Many people forget just how much the flooring makes a difference to both of these aspects. Depending on your budget, lifestyle and how busy the room is will dictate which flooring is the best for you.


How you and everyone in your home lives is a huge factor to consider when choosing a flooring. With heavy traffic, pets and kids who like arts and crafts a luxurious solid wood floor may not be the best route for you. Consider ceramic tile, vinyl or engineered flooring. These are all durable, resilient and easy to clean.


Hallway flooring should have the ‘wow’ factor that make people want to know more about it. Again, if you have active members of the family, something that’s easy to clean would be most suitable. With mud, snow and all sorts of dirt being brought in from the great outdoors, you don’t want to spend endless hours cleaning and fixing your floor for the same thing to repeatedly happen. Flooring in bedrooms and livings rooms should be comfortable for bare feet with the kitchen and bathroom floor being water resistant and able to withstand temperature fluctuations.


Depending on what material you go for can be very dependant on the cost of the flooring. The more luxurious and durable the flooring, the more it will cost. Simple as. Tiles are low maintenance and not the most expensive flooring option. Engineered flooring can be fairly priced, due to the expansion in the market, just make sure you shop around long enough to find a great deal but more importantly, a great floor!


Consider flooring types such as recycled glass tiles and various wood flooring. Engineered flooring is more environmentally friendly as less trees are needed to make up the planks, so you can essentially get more for your money. Each floor will have it’s pros and cons, do extensive research on each and every one of them and you won’t be surprised or disappointed when it arrives.

Fitting Within Existing Styles

It can be hard to fit an existing floor in with the interior of your home. So what should you try and match it to the most? The walls is always a good idea. Choosing a colour that slightly contrasts with the walls will allow for a more exciting and dramatic interior design in your furniture and accessories. Light walls and a dark floor or vice versa will create the perfect base for your interior dreams.

And there we have it! What you should be considering when choosing the new floor for your home. It’s never easy and you won’t always get it right but taking your time and doing your research will give you a better chance of installing a floor that you love!

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