Top 10 Ideas to Decorate Children’s Bedroom

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A bedroom of a child is a place where he studies, plays, rests and invites his friends over. If you flourish his bedroom with expensive furniture, paint or décor items, he might spoil these things. But, on the other hand, if you don’t add basic furnishing, your child might not feel like living in his bedroom.

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Colors have an imperative psychological role to play in your child’s life. A wrong solid color on the child’s bedroom wall or a disturbing pattern could make your child hate his bedroom. Similar is the case with furniture and accessories. A children’s room might look mundane if there is only one chair and study table in it. Furniture and décor items are the life and soul of every room, and a room of a kid is no exception.

All in all, finalizing a design along with the accessoriesfor theroom of a kid is no less than a toughchallenge. However, to get rid of children’s room decoration conundrum, we have mined top 10 ideas and tricks. These useful tips will surely help youget the desired look for your kid’s room and make your child dancewith joy.

Ask Your Child His Wish

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Understand that it’s your child’s room, not yours and imposing a color that you like won’t be a great idea. The psychology of the color in every individual changes with age as well as from person to person. A color that soothes you may not necessarily have the same effect on your children. Allow your kid to express his personality through the color or pattern.

Don’t Spend a Fortune on Trends

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Perhaps there are a plenty of décor methods and décor items currently trending. There is no need to spend a large chunk of money on them. Unless they are really beneficial to your little one, stay away from spending a big amount on them. You can consider the following before spending theamount on the trends:

  • Age of your child
  • See whether the décor could be of any use to your home
  • Also, ensure if that trend has any practical or functional use

For instance, flokati rugs are adored by every kid, and it is currently in the fashion. However, to keep it clean and tidy is no less than a hard nut to crack. Thus, invest after taking into account the practicalities of the trend.

Introduce Accessories to Your Children’s Room

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Accessories are affordable and can elevate the charisma of your little one’s room to a new peak. There are oodles of accessories available, but it is important to choose only needed accessories because their excessive presence can as easily deteriorate the décor. An accessory can be:

  • An in-house tent
  • Mini hot air balloons
  • Night Stars on the Ceiling

However, keep in mind the gender of your child. A boy might not like, let’s say, beaded door hangings or a girl might prefer cute little boxes than wooden drawers with abold design on them. Therefore, ensure that you do not mix and match the preferences of your boy child and thegirl child.

Keep in Mind Child’s Future Needs

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Parents need to keep in mind the future needs of their child and not that of a room. For instance, the present height of your kid is 3’5”. Now, do not invest money in a bed of the same size. Children grow very fast and therefore, look for a bed that has dimensions greater than the height of your child.

There are various décor items and other essentials that parents should know. For instance,

  • Have some interesting colors or patterns but do not have painted cartoons or other characters on the wall. In case, your kid insists on that, have characters in the form of wall stickers.
  • Have a customizable wardrobe with a ‘shelf-adjustable’ feature.With the growing needs of your little one, you can add ashelf, adjust its height, etc.

Have ‘Practical’ Shelves

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From a very broad perspective, there are two types of shelves.

  • One that are used for ornamenting purpose or to cover the large empty wall.
  • There is another category of shelves that are installed for theactual functional purpose.

Invest in the latter category to allow your kid toreap their benefits now and even when he grows up and pursues higher education. The décor purpose shelves may not be able to hold books or other essential belongings, but the shelves that are madewith a practicality point of view are robust and meant to long last.

Make the Curtains Certain

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A curtain is indispensable when your little ones are sharing the same room. If you have a bunker bed for your children or two beds kept on either side of the room, make sure to have a curtain in between. This is so because it’s important for the children to feel like they have their own space.

Go with Cuboid Storage

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If you do not want a large wardrobe to take the whole of your children’s room space, go with a cube storage option.When there aremultiple hollow cubes stick to the bedroom walls of your child, he can:

  • Store his belongings there
  • Keep his books
  • Store his clothes
  • Have all his essential stuff at one place

Apart from lots of functional properties, the cube storage makes an elegant geometric pattern on the wall, thus, infusing splendor to your child’s bedroom.

No More Fight over the TV Remote Control

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If you have a pair of adorable children who turn into a ninja because of a TV remote, then make sure to have two separate TV screens for both of them. When you have a bunk bed for your little ones in their room, two flat screens at both levels is the perfect solution to avoid the fight over the TV remote. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the screens have headphone feature.
  • Set the sets at the perfect angle for the comfort of your children
  • To avoid any accident, make sure that the television sets do not hamper the climbing on the top of the bunk bed.

Go With the Baby Boss Style

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Homework is an integral part of every kid’s daily routine. Keeping the same in mind, have a proper office-like table in your kid’s room. Here’s why you should do that:

  • It breaks the monotony of the mundane study table and chair.
  • There is a feel good factor attached with this setting and the same encourages the little ones to stick to one place during the homework or study session. Thus, increasing their focus.
  • The same setting is future-proof as well. The notepads and academic booksthat are now kept on the table will be replaced by a computer system, printer, etc. in the future when the child grows up.

Pamper Your Little One with Luxury

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The golden hues and flamboyant accessories are necessary to add a sense of luxury to any room. So, why not experiment with themin your children’s room? Bestow the room of your kids with luxurious accessories and furnishing.

  • The Royal White
  • The Regal Purple
  • The Opulent Golden

These are some of the colors you can have in your child’s room or décor items colored in these color would surely shootup the atmosphere of the room. However, remember the rule #1, do not impose your wish on your kids.

Don’t Just Decorate Children’s Room – Offer Memories to Your Little Ones

The bedroom of your kids is a very special place for them. It is one such place where they make lots of memories and oodles of good moments. It is where they fight with their siblings and share secrets with them.It is where they spend their entire childhood and see themselves grow.

Therefore, ensure that you make rooms of your little one(s) all the more special by undertaking one or few of the ideas mentioned above.


Searching for ideas to make the bedroom of your children special? Here are top 10 ideas that are sure to help you in decorating the bedroom of your kids. Check them out!

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