Top 6 Easy Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Published On March 14, 2019 | By admin | Home Improvement

Space is mostly a concern in apartments. Expanding families and shrinking spaces call for the ways to enable addition of more room into the given space. Accommodating new and growing members do require adding a room or floor which can be a tough and time-consuming affair. But, what if the purpose is just to make a room look bigger for aesthetic purposes? Well, for that, here are some easy ways that you can tweak in to your idea of redecorating the room to get a bigger looking space.

A. White bedding

Bright and light shade colors have a space-creating effect. The biggest element in a bed room is certainly a double bed. Thus, choosing the bedding in white color is one of the easy ways to redo the space for getting a bigger room. Colors create a psychological effect on mind. Some induce calmness while others make us happy. But, from a decorator’s point of view, the colors also serve the purpose of changing the look of the room. Mostly, the change is achieved in the way the room appears. Hence, bedding in white color can be your easy go-to when you are about to buy furniture for small bedroom.

B. Painting the ceiling

This is an easy way for adding to the height of the room though psychologically. Anything that compels eyes to move upwards can give a feeling of more height in that space. Painting the ceiling with some catchy shade or style, or pasting a wall paper on it is the idea worth considering when you want the room to look taller.

C. Arrange furniture a bit away from the walls

Walls are the last points of touch in a room. Pushing the furniture adjacent to the walls consumes whole coordinates of the space and it, as a result, look constricted. Just pull sofa a bit away from the wall. This helps the space look more open and wide. You can, however, create another element like console table in between the sofa and wall to use that space and make it look interesting.

D. Add bigger vases, few in number

Small size cantaloupes look great and appealing when left alone. But, when placed in a room, these crowd the space and look purpose-less too. Instead, you can use one or two vases as decorative elements but of bigger size. The element bigger in size create a psychological impact that place where these are kept is naturally spacious. So, you can have a spacious room at the disposal without actually pushing the walls to extra inches.

E. Have striped carpet or wall paper

The horizontal stripes make anything look wider. So, if you want your floor to look a bit bigger, you place a striped carpet on it. The feel of a wider space comes naturally this way. Also, you can have a striped wall paper on the walls, but do not try both in one room.

F. Adding mirrors

This is one of the most tried and trusted ways of making a space look fuller. A full size mirror opposite the bed in the bedroom is one of the easiest ways to make it look expansive. The same can be tried for living rooms too. Having mirror on the doors of floor-length cupboards can make the room look an extended space.

G. No window covers

If there is just one or two window of small size in the room, leaving it uncovered can make the room look more spacious.

Try these affordable, easy and quick ways to redo the space for making it look brighter, spacious and more welcoming. You surely will love the final outcome!

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