Top Ideas to bring the Christmas spirit to your Small House!

Published On December 21, 2018 | By admin | Home Improvement

Do you want to decorate but you do not find space? Do not let your little house evict this Christmas! Even if your space is tiny we found the following ideas to put it in the spirit of celebration!

Raise the level

We do not mean to become the pioneers of the decoration, but to tilt your Christmas tree. But let’s take things from the beginning: no matter how you like it, you do not have to try to fit a huge spruce into your home! Instead, choose a smaller one (and, to say the whole truth, more economical) and use pallets, a table, your old bedside table or even a chest of drawers to give it … height. This way, you will be tricking your eye, creating the illusion that your fir is bigger than it actually is and you will be able to celebrate this Christmas traditionally.

A tree is always the top choice

Is your home so tiny that it just suits you? No problem! Say no to the natural tree and find other smart ways to put Christmas and fir in your home. Create your own using Christmas lights, ornaments, and shelves or just paint it. There are also some sustainable design posters that are absolutely suitable for this occasion. In other words, you have no excuse not to decorate a tree this year!

Get out of the windows

If you do not have space to decorate, then you can only take advantage of the windows and the patio doors of your home. How will you do it? Hang on these wreaths, ornaments, or garlands or even flowers that remind you of Christmas. Plants are the easiest solution to bring home your festivities earlier. So put pots on different sides of your living room or decorate the central furniture of your dining room with a composition of amaryllis, roses, and mistletoe or pine branches. You can also illuminate the dark corners of the space by using Christmas lights.

Small details

 Okay, did you decorate a tree but it is not enough for you? To bring Christmas to your home you must also play peripherals. Change your pads, throws or plants and prefer those that have festive colors and themes. In this way, the festive spirit will overflow every corner of your home. But be careful: do not overdo it. Just because your space is small, even the smallest change will be seen. So be sure to keep the right balance.

Outdoor decor

Just because your home is small you have to smartly use every room. Dare to decorate your veranda with Christmas lights, garlands, a beautiful white carpet. Beyond all this, you can fill your pots with ornaments.

Put it on the table

 Yes, the spirit of Christmas is worth a place on your coffee table! So do not forget to decorate it festively: from the tablecloth to transparent jars and bowls filled with your ornaments, there surely is space to make your festive intervention!


Give the interiors of your home a scent of celebration using fragrance with citrus, cinnamon and pine notes. Also, you can give a holiday aroma to the winter fesin, cleaning your floors and benches with water in which you have previously dissolved 1-2 drops of essential oil of pine and / or cinnamon.


Beyond Christmas lights, candles are an ideal way to give your spaces the warm glow with which celebrations are synonymous. Do not hesitate to place them in more “unusual” spaces, such as the bathroom, the hall or the fireplace.

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