Worried about storage of power generated by your solar panels, Use lithium batteries

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Solar panel generates power with the help of silicon cells attached to it and the power can be used for household use. The silicon cells convert solar energy into electric energy. The electricity generated is in DC form and can be used by the appliances by the appliances after converting it from DC to AC with the help of inverter.

But there is a problem with solar panels that they are not able to generate power during night or when there is less intensity of sunlight. So at that time we needed a power backup or need power from the grid. So it is better to store the excess power generated by the solar panels during day time.

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How to store excess power generated by your solar panels?

The excess power generated by the solar panels can be used on the days when the sun is little brighter due to the fog or the clouds in the sky. The efficiency of the solar panels is also affected in the rainy season. When your panel is not producing the required electric power, then you have to rely on another source of power. This situation can be avoided by storing the excess power generated and using the same during the night or any other day when your solar panels are not working.

Storing power using Lithium battery

For storing the excess power generated by your solar panel during a sunny day can be stored using the lithium batteries and can later be used when your solar panel is not working or during the night when there is no sunlight. Lithium batteries are effective power storage devices which can be trusted and can store power for long time of interval. A lithium battery is easy to handle can be easily used at home without special care.

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