Would You Like to Have a Glamorous and Elegant Bathroom?

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You only need to take one look at a bathroom and you can easily tell classic from normal and elegant from simple. This is when you decide to remodel, and it only takes a few good things and a little bit of magic and you will have a bathroom that is glamour.

Glamorous bathroom

Why do you want a glamorous bathroom? If you like to take long, hot luxurious baths then you will understand what a glamorous bathroom really is and Chantilly VA bathroom remodeling DMV can help you design the perfect bathroom.

Better Homes and Gardens

This company can take your bathroom from simple into something out of Better Homes and Gardens. Your bathroom can be transformed into a beauty allowing for a place of tranquility and calm when just taking a shower.

Smokey glass

You must have seen this in a movie – smoky glass enclosures for your shower. It does not really hinder the flow of space in your bathroom, but it leaves you feeling that there is some glamorous place to take a shower.

Tile inversion secret

Here is another idea – take the tiles from the floor and put them on the ceiling. This makes your bathroom look high-end and it gives you the feeling of being royal.

Make it simple on the tiles though, just one or two courses down the ceiling are enough of a statement that does not look overdone.

Mirror Walls

Another one borrowed from the movies. How would you like a bright grey to one side of the wall and its reflection from mirrors on the other side of the wall? It’s splendid and comes out looking like a painting rather than a reflection. You will also notice that you can spend some good time standing in front of the mirror.

Bathroom closet

Closet and Beyond custom closets for bathroom is important because you can put everything out of sight. The best way to feature this without killing the taste when doing a bathroom remodeling is to think of a classic way of hiding everything. There are many ways to design this, just remember “everything out of sight”.

And before you know it, you have an elegant bathroom.

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