You Can’t ‘Slate’ Slate Chippings!

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Slate chippings are…

  • Attractive.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Versatile.
  • Functional.
  • Enduring.
  • A variety of textures and colours.
  • Able to offer classic, contemporary and vibrant choices.
  • Readily available through gravel and chippings suppliers.

Use them for…

  • Paths.
  • As features.
  • For mulching.
  • Around features.
  • Around drainage.
  • Pond edging.
  • Flowerbed/vegetable patch edging.

However, Slate is not suitable for driveways so it should not be sought for these. Why not try black, white, brown and grey Thames Valley Flint Moonstone Gravel or South Cerney Gravel? These are decorative gravels that can bear vehicle weights without crumbling or snapping unduly.

Popular slate chippings choices:

  • Graphite grey slate chippings.
  • Green slate chippings.
  • Plum slate chippings.
  • Blue slate chippings.

Slate chippings are available in bulk bags and mulch bulk bags in each slate option.

Whether you choose graphite grey slate chippings or one of the colour slate alternatives on the market, they are easy to install and wonderfully low maintenance.

Take just a few hours to transform your exterior space and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Although landscapers use traditional gravels like Cotswold Chippings or a decorative gravel like Flamingo or Green Basalt, which leap out at passers-by and work well in modern spaces, there is no denying the continual appeal of slate chippings.

Suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Tadley, Newbury and Windlesham know that slate is a material that people trust as much as admire.

Versatile and cost effective landscaping

Mix landscaping materials, different slates, use slate for continuity, as a contrast, for attractive drainage or low maintenance tools in planted areas including pots and hanging baskets. Any design scheme will be enhanced by the use of slate.

You can expect to pay approximately £150 for a 900kg bulk bag. That is excellent value for money.


  • For a classic appearance, Global Stone’s Yorkstone Paving is perfect when used in a scheme with graphite grey slate chippings. Mother Nature’s natural and ancient resources always complement one another.
  • Rivar Sand and Gravel’s silver grey slate paving in 600mm X 600mm size is inexpensive but exceptional. It is 20mm thick with a riven surface. Teamed with either graphite grey slate chippings or the plum version these play against one another beautifully.
  • Global Stone’s Midnight Black Limestone is a landscaping material which designers favour. When used with any of the slate chippings options it will captivate you. The veining, texture and durability of the limestone with the unique tones of the slate are magnificent.
  • 10mm White Dolomite Gravel contains quartz that glints in sunlight. Graphite grey slate chippings make a delightful contrast, both in texture, tone and size.
  • 20mm Cheshire Pink Gravel is pink, plum and purple. When used in harmony with plum slate chippings the kerb appeal is outstanding.
  • The green slate looks alluring with lawns. The green tones highlight the grass and unify a colour scheme.

 Go on, make the neighbours jealous, let your imagination play with slate for a refreshing new look in your exterior spaces.

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